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MOOC – Les Conduites Suicidaires 

Identifier et prévenir

We have the pleasure of presenting a new MOOC on suicidal behaviors available in the FUN platform, the French platform for online courses. The course is entitled «  Les conduites suicidaires : identifier et prévenir » (only in French in this edition) and has been created by Pr J Lopez Castroman, Nimes University Hospital, and Dr E Olié, Montpellier University Hospital. It will start on May 29, 2018 and is supported by Montpellier University.

The course lasts 5 weeks and presents a different topic every week with 3 online videos (10 to 15 minutes), a quizz and other didactic tools. A discussion forum will also be at your disposal for interaction with other participants and organizers of the course.

Inscriptions are free and already open to all in here.  

A certificate of participation can be obtained at the end of the course. 

Being confronted to a suicidal person or a suicide questions our own experience. Suicidal persons are like any other person, but for them life has become a source of suffering. Understanding them equals to understanding ourselves, and discovering the shortcomings of our personality, our environnement or our society.

With this MOOC, we propose a training to all persons interested in the issue of suicidal behavior for personal, professional, scientific or philosophical reasons. We will try to provide a transversal approach to suicidal behavior: epidemiology, social and cultural factors, psychological theories, clinical factors, prevention methods, and scientific studies drafting the suicidal brain. 


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