Recommended papers in suicide research, 2023

By Nathan Risch, PhD student in Montpellier

Research on suicide aims to identify what distinguishes patients who attempt suicide (i.e. suicide attempters) from those who won’t. This systematic review shows that decision-making is impaired in suicidal attempters, especially in social contexts with other human beings. Suicidal attempters are less sensitive to social reward and punishment and can persist longer in the aversive task.

Rzeszutek, M. J., DeFulio, A., & Sylvester, G. E. (2022). A systematic review of behaviour – outcome psychological assessments as correlates of suicidality. Archives of suicide research, 26(4), 1757-1793.

Psychological pain leads to suicide, but not for all patients. In this study, the authors wish to identify which feature of psychological pain distinguishes depressed patients who have attempted suicide (i.e. suicide attempters) from those who haven’t. Depressed suicidal attempters have a stronger motivation for pain avoidance. Pain avoidance could be one of the most important features of psychological pain to predict future suicidal attempt.

Sun, X., Li, H., Song, W., Jiang, S., Shen, C., & Wang, X. (2020). ROC analysis of three-dimensional psychological pain in suicide ideation and suicide attempt among patients with major depressive disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 76(1), 210-227.

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