Movie of the Month (April 2018)

In April 2018 we chose a movie for you:

“What Dreams May Come”

Directed by: Vincent Ward
Starring: Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr, Annabella Sciorra, Max von Sydow
Year: 1998
Running time: 113 minutes

Plot: The story is based on Richard Matheson’s novel and the title is from a line in Hamlet’s soliloquy “To be, or not to be”. It describes the love story between the pediatrician Chris Nielsen and the artist Annie Collins, who have to face the difficulties of grief after their children death. Later in the story Chris also dies in a car crash: Annie attempts to cope with his loss but she is wracked with guilt for the deaths of Chris and their children, believing that she was responsible for it, and she commits suicide. After his death, Chris awakens in “Heaven”, and unfortunately he learns that those who commit suicide go to “Hell”; this is not the result of a judgment made against them, but rather their own tendency to create “nightmare” afterlife worlds based on their pain. So Chris decided to start a journey, not without dangers, to rescue his wife.  

“…They think of suicide as a quick route to oblivion, an escape. Far from it. It merely alters a person from one form to another. Nothing can destroy the spirit. Suicide only precipitates a darker continuation of the same conditions from which escape was sought. A condition under circumstances so much more painful”.

Richard Matheson, What Dreams May Come



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