Movie of the Month (March 2018)

In March 2018 we chose a movie for you:

“The Sea Inside”

Directed by: Alejandro Amenábar
Starring: Javier Bardem
Year: 2004
Running time: 125 minutes

Plot: The movie is based on the true story of Ramón Sampedro, a man from Galicia (Spain), who, since 28 years, is quadriplegic as a consequence of an accident, and is bedridden. The movie focuses on his campaign for the right to end his own life. However, the real focus is life, as a priceless gift, through the characters we meet around Ramón’s bed (his family, the three women, a quadriplegic priest), beautiful landscapes and music. Life and love, in its deepest meaning, represented by two opposites: Manuela and Julia.

We selected this movie because of the current debate concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide.
The topic is the object of current debates involving the whole clinical community, and it has also been the focus of two intersection symposia organized by the EPA-SSSP together with the Old Age Psychiatry Section in 2017 in Florence, and in 2018 in Nice (click HERE for more details). In our opinion it effectively represents the complexity of this thematic, and offers a wide perspective about it, without focusing on a single viewpoint.

“Out to sea. Out to sea, and in the weightlessness of the deep where dreams come true, two souls unite to fulfill a single wish. Your gaze and mine, over and over like an echo, repeating silently: “Deeper, and deeper” beyond everything that is flesh and blood. But I always awaken and I always wish for death, my lips forever entangled in your hair”.

Ramón Sampedro

Sources (image and contents):

Thanks to Raffaella Calati and Carla Gramaglia

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