TV Series & Suicide: The End Of The F****ing World & 13 Reasons Why

From October 2017 on Netflix is available a new series named “The End Of The F****ing World”. The story is about  two teens, Alyssa and James,  who run away from home and start a journey together, full of serious difficulties, in which they learn something about themselves and each other.  

Exactly like “13 Reasons Why”, another Netflix series, the theme of suicide is the key of the story. In “The End Of The F****ing World”, many flashbacks help the viewer to understand James’s family history. The young boy is grieving the devastating loss of his mother and this influences many of his behaviors.

In “The End Of The F****ing World” and  in “13 Reasons Why” we can find how suicidal behaviors influence other people’s life: suicide is a complex tragedy without one singular cause but may affect many people’s life, “the survivors” (to know more about the topic Survivor you can also read our article: “Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington ans Survivors of Suicide Loss“). 

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Image from Pixabay

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