Scientific News and Reading Suggestions #15

Two hints about suicidology and suicide prevention recently published on high impact medical research journals: BMJ and World Psychiatry. They both talk about suicide mortality after discharge from psychiatric hospitals. 

Here following the themes developed:

  • Suicide, substance use and natural causes are respectively the most important causes of mortality in the first year post discharge from psychiatric hospitals (Large M; on BMJ)
  • Decline in suicide mortality after psychiatric hospitalization for depression in Finland between 1991 and 2014 (Aaltonen KI; on World Psychiatry)

People suffering from psychiatric diseases have higher mortality rate, and this is particularly true for those who have been admitted in a psychiatric hospital and then discharged. It is known that suicide risk is higher in the first 3 months after discharge and remains high through the entire first year (see our previous reading suggestion from JAMA).


To know more you can find the articles on  BMJ and World Psychiatry website at these links: 

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Image from Pixabay 


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