Scientific News and Reading Suggestion #6

The new reading suggestion is a recent publication on World Psychiatry; the Authors are two members of our Section:

Antidepressants and suicide risk in depression
Courtet, P. and Lopez-Castroman, J. (2017), World Psychiatry, 16: 317–318. doi:10.1002/wps.20460

Our Co-Chair, and also author, says about it:

“The current issue of World Psychiatry presents a letter by two of our section members (Philippe Courtet and Jorge Lopez Castroman). The letter describes the ongoing controversy about emergent suicidal ideation or behavior after the introduction of an antidepressant treatment. Our colleagues make a quick overview of this issue from the Black Box warning to the most recent evidence. They also make several suggestions to improve our knowledge and practice with suicidal patients: 1)the need for RCTs that do not exclude patients because of suicidal risk, 2) an update of usual practices in the use of antidepressants, and 3) the need for research investment in the development of specific treatments targeting suicidality. Here is the link to the paper. Food for thought!”

Looking forward to sharing with you
the next scientific news and reading suggestions!

To know more, contact EPA- SSSP e-mail address:

Thanks to Jorge López Castroman, MD, PhD, co-chair of The EPA-SSSP Section of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention

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