Scientific News and Reading Suggestions #5

Recently it was the World Suicide Prevention Day,
please remember that you are all encouraged to inform us about what you did about it!

You can find more about WSPD activities in several countries HERE!

By the way here we are with a new reading suggestion!

This time it is from JAMA Psychiatry, which, as you know, with its current IF 15.3 is one of the most important journals in the field of psychiatry.

We suggest you for reading a couple of articles published in the May-June and July issues; they are about a multi-center study of suicide prevention after discharge from Emergecy Department (ED). This research has involved 8 Emergency Departments (EDs) in the United States. It is widely acknowledged that people who have attempted suicide often come to the attention of specialist care only after the gesture. Usually the first psychiatric consultation for suicide attempts occurs in the ED, and 40% of deaths by suicide (15% of self-harm) visited an ED the year before committing suicide; hence the need to implement ad hoc prevention strategies in this specific setting.

The studies we suggest for reading focus on patients with a recent suicide attempt or suicidal ideation, and compare the outcome of two treatment groups (conventional treatment and program of prevention of suicide and self-harm) at a 52 weeks follow-up.

You can find more to read on JAMA Psychiatry website, at these links: 

Looking forward to sharing with you
the next scientific news and reading suggestions!

To know more, contact EPA- SSSP e-mail address:

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