The European Psychiatric Association has established 20 sections aimed at exploring and solving problems in different specific areas of psychiatry, collecting and disseminating information, establishing working relations between individuals and with different national and international bodies working in the same field, and achieving greater coordination.
The EPA Section of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention is aimed at improving research in this field and translating research findings into clinical practice. In this sense, the Section adheres to a bio-psycho-social perspective and involves an international and multidisciplinary network of researchers and clinicians.

Our objectives are:

  • Raising awareness about suicide as an important public health issue and fighting the stigma surrounding it;
  • Improving understanding of risk and protective factors;
  • Sharing experience and knowledge on suicide prevention;
  • Disseminating best practices on management and treatment of suicidal patients.

Our Section Board:

Philippe COURTET, Chair


Miriam IOSUE, Secretary

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